09 June 2015

The Best Day Ever

Holy smokes, it's been a year already! You know what they say, time flies when you're having fun! ;) Since I didn't really blog at all about the Best Day Ever that happened last year, I thought I would steal a Q&A idea from some of my favorite photographers. We both answered these questions separately, so it was fun to get together and read our answers and pick pictures. :)
Note: all pictures in this post by the one and only Clara Williams Photography.

What was the most memorable moment? 
So many moments to choose from! Here's a few that stand out: 

My nephew Jared and new B.I.L, Joel, caught a baby rabbit and brought it to me while the girls and I were getting ready (it was sooooo soft!). 

My original B.I.L, Jason, "You're a mess!" as he attempted to clean grass that had gotten stuck in my dress train when I was getting ready to walk down the aisle. 

Praying with my dad and mom just before we went down the aisle. 

 Looking at everyone who came to share our day as I walked up the aisle... I felt very loved. 


By far, the most memorable moment was when my soon to be bride came outside the night before, amidst all the hubbub of preparations right before I left to go to bed. Liz came up to me and could tell how much turmoil my heart was in and just prayed with me for a while. What a heart throb she can be.

Or maybe it was when she came up behind me in the field and hugged me. Seeing her for the first time in her wedding dress was the most breath taking and stunning sight that I had ever seen before.

Or maybe it was watching her walk down the isle toward me... But I don't remember a whole lot of that part, because I had to not look at her because I was fighting tears so bad that I would have broken down into a sobbing mess.

What advice would you give to future brides/grooms? 

Make a plan and then delegate, delegate, delegate! Our wedding would not have happened without the gracious friends and family who were more than willing to get things done! It also helps to have an awesome wedding planner (thanks, sis!) and having awesome sauce photographers who are willing to go above and beyond (thanks, Clevi!).  And.... on your day, don't stress it! The important part is getting married, the rest is just a bonus. 


Grooms- Remember what the day is about... It's not about you. It's about representing the union Christ has with His Church to the world. It's about your beautiful bride enjoying a once in a lifetime experience. It's about enjoying the company of family and friends.

 Brides- Please be patient with your groom, he's a mess inside or totally clueless. Really. Hahaha!

What was your favorite detail? 

I think my favorite detail was the wood coasters that we gave out as favors, simply because they were a huge labor of love over hours of time by Matt's parents and siblings and grandparents. 


My favorite detail was my least favorite at the time... The part where I was unable to see my bride until just before the wedding. Made me sooooo mad that even MY OWN MOTHER was so for it! Ha! But I look back now and man, how sweet those few minutes were for us... Like the calm in middle of the storm.

What was the funniest memory? 

The groomsmen hanging out all day with their pants tucked into their socks. I think Chris would have gotten away with walking down the aisle like that if my mom hadn't caught him ;) 

That, and Joel hiding the funnel for the sand ceremony. Sneaky, Joel, reeeeaaallll sneaky.


Only one??? :S Probably walking back to the lodge from taking our "first look" pictures and coming up to all of the groomsmen with the awesome socks and gadgets Liz had bought them as a gift.  Pants tucked into socks and little keychain guns an such that made a lot of racket.  Fun times...

If you could change anything, what would it be? 


Going into the wedding, I think we knew that we wouldn't be able to visit with and see most of the people who came, but even on our wedding day we were really bummed to not be able to get quality time with so many people who came to support and celebrate with us. (Thanks, everybody! See you at the next reunion.)

There was not anything about the wedding I would change. Liz and her crew of awesome helpers (thanks, btw!!) did a superb job. I couldn't have asked for anything better... But I would change one thing. I wish I could have had time off surrounding the wedding to help more with wedding stuff and visit family more.

Where did you go on your honeymoon? 


Bozeman, MT! We got a short couple of days there due to work schedules, but loved every second exploring the coffee shops and farmer's market and mountain roads. We'll be back, friend! 

We spend the first night in a super awesome bed and breakfast in the northern hills where we were served a hot breakfast in bed and had our own hot tub. Pretty great. Then we went from there to the one and only wonderful Bozeman, MT.

What's the best part of being married so far? 

It may sound cliche, but it really is the best being able to wake up with your best friend and just do life together. There is something indescribable about being known and loved day in and day out, even on the days we might not like each other very much ;) 

There is so much awesomeness that comes with being married to Liz Tramp (once Johnson).  I think the very best part(s) is/are the fact that I get to go to sleep with and wake up with my best friend in the whole world every night. Also, I have always loved adventuring with Liz from day one of meeting her. She is just so fun and easy going... So now, I just married my adventure partner so we get to adventure with each other for the rest of our lives. There's nothing else like it.. No one else like her... 

21 May 2015

California in the twenty fifteen: this n' that

It's May in Sodak, but we keep getting snow?
Someday warm weather will come to stay in this part of the country, but until then, here's the last of the Cali trip pics.... for now ;) 

Ahhh... nothing like a relaxing day at the beach landfill.

We went to the nut shop, and I was fascinated by everything but the pecans and almonds. We thought it was funny how they had honey from North Dakota there (hey, neighbors!). I guess the owner's wife likes to go antiques shopping and they fill the empty spaces of the shop with her finds :)

Blooming trees and orchards and eucalyptus logs and road-side wildflowers.
See you next time, Cali.