09 February 2015

05 February 2015

Christmas at the Tramp Casa

One of the reasons that I l.o.v.e Christmas season is all of the lights -they make things so sparkly and warm and cozy! 
First married Christmas. I'm a fan.

one of my favorite hand-me-downs from my grandma's Precious Moments collection.

We can see who the favorite is around here...

03 February 2015

Music Monday: (almost)

Loving these guys.
Yay, YouTube! 
Makes me miss all my sibs and road trips with my broskis singing at the top of our lungs.

15 January 2015

Love: brother edition

my poopy pants brother decided to move.
we have had a lot of good times.
conferences. concerts. camping.
road trips. airplanes. subways.
iron bladder competitions (I won, duh).
music nerd noise.
coffee nerd noise.
hours and hours of youth group shenanigans.
life isn't the same around these parts, so hurry back! 

12 January 2015

Music Monday: The Lone Bellow (again)

Pretty sure these guys are waiting to release their new album until juuuuust in time for my birthday. (hint hint)
So good.

26 November 2014

A little bit of NYC

it was a grand adventure.
but there's never enough time.
guess that means we have to go back!