18 January 2016

Music Monday: Sandra McCracken

I went to bed with these two songs playing over and over in my mind and woke up with (surprise) these two songs stuck in my head.

In a world of instability and heartbreak and struggle and sin and broken people, I am glad that I can trust the God who is always good and who is always available.

PS, if you want a couple of encouraging albums, I highly recommend Psalms by Sandra McCracken and The Hymn Sing: Live in Nashville by Indelible Grace Music.

12 December 2015

Adventures in the Windy City

Ah, Chicago.

We loved you for your doughnuts and coffee.
We loved you for your churches and community.
We loved you for your skyline and tall, tall buildings. 
We loved you for your incredible Chinese and Italian food.
We loved you for your people watching.
We loved you for Cloud Gate/The Bean.
We loved you for your friendly metro workers.
We loved you for your fancy fall colors.
We loved you because there's still so much more to go do/see, which means we'll be baaaack ;) 

Things we learned: 
Deep dish is indeed, all it is cracked up to be. I dream about that pizza.
You absolutely must get an ice cream doughnut sandwich at Firecakes Doughnuts and a Nutella pocket at Stan's Doughnuts.
Metro workers are much more helpful/nice than in New York City. 
Cannolis are NOT as good as good as any we found in New York City (work on that, Chicago, mmkay?). BUT. Eataly is a place of Italian food heaven.
Fatso's Last Stand is where you can find an amazing dog (make sure to get a lot of napkins because it gets everywhere).
The John Hancock Tower is just as high, with shorter lines than the Wilson Tower. And they have The Tilt.
China Town. Yes.
Airbnb for the win! (Although you might want to check the neighborhood for crime prior to your commitment). 

Have you been to Chicago? Did we miss a must-see? 

28 November 2015

Belated Anniversary Shenanigans

We went to Denver and I stood front and center to fangirl over The Lone Bellow in real life. Let me tell you that their voices only get better live, incase you had any doubts. And I only took pictures on my phone, so yeah. They didn't make it onto this blog post (but that's what Instagram is for, right?).

After that, we took a quick trip into the mountains to find fall colors and noodles (because Asian noodles is what I want all of the time. so I guess we can blame it on the bebe) and our favorite coffee shops (here and here). 

Short and sweet. How we do.

03 November 2015

Grati Tuesday: are we old enough for this?

Nobody is ever really ready to have kids, they say. 

But still, we DEFINITELY weren't ready. Mentally, at least. 
We were surprised. We were a little bit excited. But we were, selfishly, not at all excited. We were scared. We were a little worried. 

And then we had some time to get used to the idea. And we are. Sort of. 
Sometimes we still ask if this is real life.
But we can't wait to meet and get to know the little person that is growing right now. 
We are still kinda scared and worried (raising another human is kind of a big deal).
Mostly, we can't wait to show bebe Tramp the world.

Hurry up and get here, April! 

02 November 2015

Music Monday: Never not in the mood

We used to laugh a lot,
But only because we thought
That everything good
Always would

In my wildest dreams, I am close to the stage for a Jack Johnson concert. And I probably fall over from joy and disbelief that I am seeing him LIVE. 
So yeah, if any of y'all want to make that happen, that would be greaaaat. 


Ps, What are you listening to these days? Jack has been a long time fav, and I am always in the mood for his music. 

16 October 2015

some KC adventures

We are really good at short and sweet trips, apparently. Anytime that we are gone for longer than 3-4 days, I feel a little weirded out.
True to form, September saw us in KC for coffee and friends and concerts.  

I want these stairs in my house

Things we learned and did and ate:

We managed to hit up Cafe Main, Second Best and The Roasterie for muy bien coffee (well, I got the hot chocolate at Second Best because it is LITRALLY the best hot chocolate in my life). 
We learned that when your friend tells you that he knows of this great place to get gyros, but it's in a gas station, you should definitely get the gyros. Because they are the best you have ever eaten. Ever.
We stood for hours in a stinking hot venue to listen to Josh Garrels live because HE IS AMAZING live. And worth every bit of potential dehydration that you experience and the lack of personal space and all the sweaty clothes and BO all up in your grill.
(If you can see Josh Garrels live, you should definitely make that life experience happen.) 
We remembered that the friends we made in college are still some of the best people that we know. Thankful for those shaping years. 
We learned that big biscuits and brunch are worth sharing.
We road tripped together, which is one of our favorite things, and something we did a lot back in the day when we were "just friends". (No, but really, we were just friends)

KC, we love you. Keep doing you.